2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C: One Sweet and Overdue Sports Car

When many think of Alfa Romeo they can only think of the quality and speed associated with the name in a nostalgic manner.  Unless an owner was willing to have one shipped to the states they were not likely to ever see one or have one on the roads in the U. S. which is a great tragedy considering the great expanse of driving pleasure offered in the U.S. The long wait for an Alfa Romeo for the U.S. is over and the 4C is an absolute delight.  A gorgeous sports car with obvious Italian stylings, the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C is long overdue.  Here to … [Read More...]

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Tesla Makes Environmentalists Happy

It should go without saying that friends of the environment love Tesla. The automaker is championing the green world weather it wants to or not. As environmental technology continues to push forward into everyday life, a green car like the various Tesla models are appealing to a good chunk of the … [Read More...]

More Worldly Wonders

Slow Loris

Slow Loris: Utterly Adorable and Dying Thanks to YouTube

Saying that the slow loris is the most venomous primate in the world is sort of a trap. It's the only venomous primate in the world. These little lemurs from Southeast Asia and West Indonesia have absolutely gorgeous and able to see very well at night. Unfortunately, they are so adorable, so … [Read More...]

Green Jail

Green Incarceration

There's a jail that's as green as they come in... wait for it... the San Francisco Bay area. Santa Rita Jail has all of the qualities of a top-notch environmentally friendly build: solar energy, wind energy, fuel cells, and batteries that charge at night during low-consumption periods. The … [Read More...]

A Baby Amazon Milk Frog (Trachycephalus Resinifictrix)

A Baby Amazon Milk Frog (Trachycephalus Resinifictrix)

Just look at that thing. Is it not the most gloriously beautiful frog you've ever seen? From the blue mouth to the cute little fingers, the Amazon Milk Frog is as stunning as they get. Unfortunately, the Trachycephalus Resinifictrix grows less vibrant as it ages, fading a bit in color but still … [Read More...]


A Breakdown of Religions in America

The United States was born from a concept of freedom from religious persecution. This concept hit its peak in the 19th and 20th centuries when the United States was considered to be a strong Judeo-Christian nation. Over the decades, this has changed to allow more religions and even a lack of faith … [Read More...]

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Not ever picture has to be of a particular place or creature to make it on WeHeartWorld. This symbolic representation is apropos for autumn, so we thought it would make a good addition to the site. From the moment we are born, we start dying. As crazy as that sounds, even as we're growing up, … [Read More...]

Orca in the Wild

Captivity is Terrible for Orcas

There's a perception held by some that animals in zoos or other forms of captivity have it good. They get fed. They have shelter. They aren't hunted. They have the good life in the animal world. This is absolutely incorrect. Some animals were made for captivity such as dogs, cats, and farm … [Read More...]

GMO Labeling

If The Government Won’t Label GMO Foods, Individuals Should

GMO activists at GMOInside have launched a campaign encouraging people to label foods themselves if the government is unwilling to mandate it. While we do not know the legality of this, the concept itself is pretty innovative and the potential for a disruption is high. This was sparked by another … [Read More...]

Reasons to Eat Organic

Why Should We Eat Organic?

For those of us who have been tracking Monsanto and others who employ GMO crop-altering chemicals to foods, the reasons to go organic are very clear. The process, risks, and sheer facts surrounding GMOs are all compelling enough. Not everyone knows nor do they want to know about GMOs as can be … [Read More...]

Clean Water Around the World

Third World vs. First World Water Problems

Those of us who live in a developed Country often take for granted our access to luxuries that exceed everything we need, like clean water.  We even have the ability to use filtered water if we choose or bottled water if we may. We all too often forget about those who die every year from having to … [Read More...]

GMO Corn

The Confusing GMO Law Landscape

One of the best tricks that genetic mutation companies like Monsanto like to use is confusion. They often partner with their cronies in Washington DC and at the state level to make the laws as complex and self-protective as possible, leaving citizens in the precarious position of either not having … [Read More...]