Horses found after fifteen years of neglect

Neglected Horses

This story won’t give you confidence in humanity. After 15 years of neglect three horses were found on farm in Woodbine, Maryland surrounded by four-feet of manure. Their hooves had grown to over 3 feet long which made them unable to walk without getting tangled up.

Hawaiians fight GMO companies over ‘guinea pig’ status

Hawaiian GMO Protests

On August 9th 10,000 people took to the streets in Hawaii’s Waikiki district to protest big biochemical companies such as, DOW, BASF, Syngenta and Dupont for their disregard for public safety and what many claim is causing a disturbing increase in birth defects.

Justice group makes plea to President Obama to help Christians persecuted by ISIS

Islamic State Christian Persecution

The kidnapping, slavery, rape, and murder that the Islamic State perpetrates on Christians they find in the Middle East have prompted the American Center for Law and Justice to ask US President Barack Obama to intervene. Their request is more of a desperate plea than anything else as the atrocities at the hands of ISIS continue to escalate unchecked.

Trump invokes faith in interview

Donlad Trump Religion

While Ted Cruz pushes for more evangelical Christians to get out to vote, Donald Trump is trying to get in on some of the action. In an interview on Friday, the GOP presidential candidate said that he’s a big believer in the Bible.

Low-income minority families will be hit hardest by climate regulations

Low Income Communities

The Environmental Protection Agency is normally known to support policy that reduces reliance on fossil fuels, but there was a comment made by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that is worth noting. She said that the increased prices of energy that will result from the Obama administrations required cuts in carbon dioxide emissions will hit one demographic the hardest.

Albert Mohler on inerrancy versus authority

Albert Mohler

The Holy Bible is considered by many in churches to be inerrant. It is 100% correct in the views of many pastors and churchgoers. Of note is that in both of those statements, the word “many” could once be replaced by the phrase “nearly all.” Today, that’s not the case according to Dr. Albert Mohler and it’s causing problems in …

EPA contractors that contaminated river earned $381 million from taxpayers

Animas River Colorado

The issue of poor government spending has been in the news for decades. Usually, the debate is centered around wasteful spending, not the type of spending that can cause an environmental catastrophe such as what happened this week to the Animas River in Colorado. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what may be happening right now.

Scotland says No to GMO

Scotland GMO Free

Once the European Union granted the right to member nations to decide on their own whether they wanted genetically modified organisms polluting their food supply, Scotland acted. Now, they’re initiating a ban on GMO crops in the island nation.