The Furious 7 Dodge Charger

The Furious 7 Dodge Charger

As one of the most touted cars that have made a resurgence, the Dodge Charger, especially the Hellcat have had more articles and stories written about it than just about any other car on the planet. Take that same car and put it in one of the highest grossing movies in history and it becomes an instant icon, but that …

Aluminum-Ion Battery Concept is Bendable, Non-Flammable, Charges in 1 Minute

Bendable Aluminum Ion Battery

Move over, lithium-ion batteries. There’s an alternative being tested that could make you obsolete. On the surface, there seems to be very little downside to the battery concept being tested by a Stanford University graduate team of researchers. Lead by chemistry professor Dai Hongjie, the new aluminum-ion batteries would offer many advantages over their common counterparts. First and foremost, the …

It’s not Seaweed. It’s a Sea Dragon.

Leafy Sea Dragon

When it comes to self-defense in the animal kingdom, they have three choices: fight, flee, or hide. Many animals, particularly predators, are able to fight their way out of situations. Others rely on speed to get away from predators. Then, there are those who simply don’t get seen, whether they’re hiding in a protected area or in plain sight. The …

Following Trend, Syracuse Pulls Out of ‘Dirty Energy’ Investments

Fossil Fuels

Many universities across the country have been divesting their endowments for fossil fuel support. Now, Syracuse University has joined those ranks as the largest university to “go green” with their money. The total hit to the fossil fuel industries will be $1.18 billion, though it is unclear how much of that money will be re-invested into clean energy initiatives.

A bit of the James Robertson story

James Robertson

We have seen many cases and instances when the internet has been used as a tool to bring about the demise of someone. Athletes have to be very cautious as to what they say and how they go about their business on a regular basis. Many times the simplest post on social media or slightest action of anyone can be …

Aeronautics Charter School Points to Early Trade School Concepts

SAMS Academy

There was a time not too long ago when children started learning a trade at very early ages. This was abandoned for choice based upon maturity; how can a young teen or even a pre-teen know what they want to be when they grow up? This brought us to the current education system that focuses on trying to teach kids …

2015 Lincoln Navigator: The Real Deal

2015 Lincoln Navigator

As much as other full-size luxury SUVs has tried to take over the market, the Lincoln Navigator was the original offering in this class and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. By being the original in the class, the Navigator continues to offer amazing looks with luxury features that match well in each trim level making this …

Chevy Visualizes the Sound of #Camarosix

2016 Chevy Camaro Sound

Teaser videos for new car releases are almost always aloof with their visuals, opting for hyper-close shots, strange angles, shadows, and blurred features. Chevrolet took their 2016 Camaro teaser video a few steps further by having nothing visual about the sports car revealed in their teaser video. Rather trying to make our mouths water with visual clues, they opted to …

Bay Area Councilwoman wants to Curb Bike Traffic

Bike Trail in Sausalito

The San Francisco Bay area is known for bikes. Plenty of commuters and tourists alike ride bikes everywhere, something that fits in with the environmentally-friendly reputation the area holds. That’s why it’s ironic that in Sausalito, the little town on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, is considering putting a limit to the number of biking tourists that …

The Best Cars for Your Golden Years

Golden Years

Post retirement can be full of concerns about expenses and medical issues, but your vehicle should be lessening those concerns, not increasing them. If getting into and out of your car or high payments have added to a mounting list of troubles, it may be time to get yourself into a car that is friendlier to your joints and your …