European nations want Monsanto GMO crops out

Monsanto Maize

Food giant Monsanto won a huge battle by getting their genetically modified crops approved in the European Union. The victory has been diminishing as individual EU nations have been pushing to opt-out of allowing those crops in their lands.

United Nations highlights food waste in coolest way possible

Starving Children

We aren’t the biggest fans of the vast majority of the United Nations’ actions. Their attempts to help are, in most circumstances, very poorly planned and terribly executed. That doesn’t even touch on the motives which are often questionable at best.

The Goals of a Fighter versus the Promises of a Deal Maker: Cruz/Trump 2016

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

The fact that Ted Cruz is the only major candidate that hasn’t really felt any of Donald Trump’s wrath combined with the lead that Trump has in the polls currently has many people promoting a concept of a Trump/Cruz ticket for the Republican nomination. They are close. In reality, a Cruz/Trump ticket makes a lot more sense.

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr will be crucified and beheaded for protesting Saudi government

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr

One of the most egregious crimes that Americans and the United States government commit on a regular basis is turning a blind eye to atrocities for the sake of political ties. There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia has been an extremely important ally to the United States from an economic perspective for decades, but at what point do our …

Glenn Beck vows to smuggle Syrian Christians into the U.S.

Glenn Beck

On Thursday at a rally in D.C. against the Iran Deal, Glenn Beck says if his audience can raise $10 million before Christmas, he will vet Chritian Syrian refugees in order to smuggle them into the U.S., despite possible imprisonment.

Monsanto found guilty of poisoning farmer

Monsanto found guilty of poisoning farmer

In 2012 a court ruled Monsanto guilty of poisoning a French farmer, and on Thursday the ruling was upheld. The farmer claims that after inhaling the LASSO weedkiller, a soil-applied herbicide, he suffered major neurological problems. The chemical was banned in France in 2007

‘That special dog’ and the ethics of cloning sciences

Dog Clones

A good dog is irreplaceable and unforgettable. Some of us dog lovers have had the blessing of at least one good dog in our lifetime, and if given the opportunity we’d have a dog just like them. For just under $100,000 it can happen.

Russia’s helpful little Syrian base appears to be permanent

Russian Base in Syria Permanent

It takes a good friend to help someone in need. For Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, that good friend turns out to be the Russians who are sending 1,000 troops and temporary housing for them to Syria to help the civil war-torn country on two fronts: rebels and the Islamic State.

Boston’s new favorite person: U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman

Very few people saw it coming. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman has denied the NFL’s Management Council’s motion to confirm the award of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for the #deflategate scandal during this year’s playoffs and Super Bowl. As a result, the star is able to play the first game next week.