Can Obama and Netanyahu make nice? Yes and no.

Benjamin Netanyahu Barack Obama

It doesn’t take a behavioral scientist to look at the interactions between US President Barack Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and come to the conclusion that they don’t like each other. The politically far-left Obama and the far-right Netanyahu have more than just political perspectives driving them apart. They have a completely different perspective as it pertains to …

Ben Carson wants online-only debates

Ben Carson Debates

When you’re the front runner, you can say pretty much whatever you want about the various campaign venues. Ronald Reagan proved this. Bill Clinton reiterated it. Now, Ben Carson is putting his foot down and suggesting that future debates should be for the internet only.

Donald Trump. Democrat?

Donald Trump's Conspiracy

When someone starts discussing conspiracy theories, we often picture JFK’s assassination, aliens, and Elvis. Few would think that Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign would be the topic of discussion for a popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel, but that’s exactly what happened today.

The emergence of the crossover

2015 Toyota Highlander Crossover

Remember the story of Goldilocks and how it took three different tries to find the bed that was just right?  For some drivers, finding the car that is just right can be a struggle.  A traditional car is too small, not comfortable enough, or just seems vulnerable on the road.  At the same time, an SUV or truck is too …

Jesse Ventura whines about the two-party system’s destruction

Jesse Ventura

As a WWF wrestler, Jesse “The Body” Ventura captivated crowds with harsh talk and fake wrestling moves. That experience helped him have a relatively successful career in both politics and reality television. Now, he’s sounding off again, presumably to get another gig.

European nations want Monsanto GMO crops out

Monsanto Maize

Food giant Monsanto won a huge battle by getting their genetically modified crops approved in the European Union. The victory has been diminishing as individual EU nations have been pushing to opt-out of allowing those crops in their lands.

United Nations highlights food waste in coolest way possible

Starving Children

We aren’t the biggest fans of the vast majority of the United Nations’ actions. Their attempts to help are, in most circumstances, very poorly planned and terribly executed. That doesn’t even touch on the motives which are often questionable at best.

The Goals of a Fighter versus the Promises of a Deal Maker: Cruz/Trump 2016

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

The fact that Ted Cruz is the only major candidate that hasn’t really felt any of Donald Trump’s wrath combined with the lead that Trump has in the polls currently has many people promoting a concept of a Trump/Cruz ticket for the Republican nomination. They are close. In reality, a Cruz/Trump ticket makes a lot more sense.

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr will be crucified and beheaded for protesting Saudi government

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr

One of the most egregious crimes that Americans and the United States government commit on a regular basis is turning a blind eye to atrocities for the sake of political ties. There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia has been an extremely important ally to the United States from an economic perspective for decades, but at what point do our …