Fun Comes in All Sizes

Power Wheels F-150

One of the signature stamps of a vehicle that is highly appreciated, or just looks like it should be a lot of fun is to have that vehicle mimicked in some way. One of the best ways and certainly one that brings us back to a childhood full of great memories are to have a vehicle that is duplicated as …


Hassan Rouhani blames UN, west for changing rules of Iran deal

Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the United Nations in general and the United States and France in particular of being the roadblock that could prevent a deal with Iran to halt their nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief from happening before the June 30 deadline. According to Rouhani, every time they come close to an agreement, the west changes …

Most Americans oppose TPP in principle

Most Americans oppose TPP in principle

The second biggest problem the country faces with the Trans-Pacific Partnership is most people are confused about who is promoting it. On one end, you have President Barack Obama pushing the concept to improve America’s trade stance with Asia. On the other hand, you have the Republican congress promoting the idea that the President needs more power to push it …

Missouri town may drop fluoride from water

Water Fluoride

The decision is being made, perhaps while you’re reading this article. The City Council of Park Hills, MO, is voting about the future of fluoride in the water supply. This has conspiracy theorists and health experts butting heads on the decades-old debate.

Where is the feminist outrage against the Islamic State?

Islamic State Women

Less than two decades ago, feminist groups in America often targeted the poor treatment of women in Muslim-dominated countries. Oprah Winfrey famously took the burqa off of a woman to the cheers of 18,000 people in Madison Square Garden in 2001 to protest the fact that women in certain countries couldn’t go out in public without being covered, couldn’t drive, …

There are risks with the rise of ‘organic’ food production

False Organic Food Regulations

As most of our readers are aware, we don’t like GMO foods. The concept of genetically modifying something that is already so amazing only makes sense in two circumstances: to make money or to help feed the starving. Since they’re not really doing much to feed the starving in the world, it all comes down to money.

Rand Paul goes after President Obama to release 9/11 files that may implicate Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Terrorist Attack

Since investigation into the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, there has been speculation that Saudi Arabia was involved, at least from a financial perspective, in perpetrating the attacks. President George W. Bush classified 28 pages of a Congressional report on the incident that allegedly implicates the Saudis. Now, Rand Paul is picking up the mantle to …

Californians are finally starting to pay more attention to the drought

California 2011

It has been decades since California or any major population center in the United States has had to deal with a drought that has lasted for several years. Now, the people of the state have for the first time declared that the water shortage is their biggest concern according to a new poll.

Tesla has upped the ante once again

Model S 70D

When Tesla unleashed its electric only cars under the Model S name two years ago it took the automotive world by storm. Even though the only customers they have are those who play in the luxury sandbox, Tesla continues to offer its high class luxury cars at a premium price. The latest upgrade for Tesla, which is really causing an …