James Robertson

We have seen many cases and instances when the internet has been used as a tool to bring about the demise of someone. Athletes have to be very cautious as to what they say and how they go about their business on a regular basis. Many times the simplest post on social media or slightest action of anyone can be caught on video and easily blown out of proportions to be scrutinized by the general public who seem to feel they are experts on just about everything and don’t always feel the need to concern themselves with feelings or consequences before spouting off at the proverbial mouth.

Even with all the bad that has used the internet as its tool and medium, there is also a great deal of good happening online as well. Earlier this year there was a story that became an internet sensation about a man and his daily commute to work. This man is James Robertson and he lives in Detroit, Michigan. His commute was 23 miles each way to get to work, but the amazing part of his commute to work each day was the fact he had to walk much of the way each day.

Mr. Robertson had to begin his trek to work each day in a new manner because in 2005 his Honda broke down and was unrepairable. Now 56, James was never late to work, making use of the inadequate Detroit bus system and walking (nearly 21 miles per day of the commute) he has maintained a perfect attendance even without having a vehicle to take him to and from work on a daily basis. This amazing story was brought about by the GoFundMe campaign that was started to raise $5,000 to buy a used car for James.

Some may wonder why he didn’t purchase a bicycle or a motor scooter to take the toll off himself when taking this walk each day. Even though you may wonder that about James, his budget and need to pay for the bus pass each way for the past ten years may have never led him to be able to buy either item and be able to enjoy the benefits that would have come with not having to walk this great distance. Regardless, Mr. Robertson trekked on each day, never missing a day of work for ten years, even though his commute was 23 miles each way and he had to walk 21 miles of it.

As for the results of his GoFundMe campaign, it now contains over $300,000 for James to purchase his new car, but he hasn’t had to use any of that money at all. The generous folks of Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights, MI have given James a 2015 Ford Taurus that is fully loaded to become his daily driver, allowing him to keep the money in his GoFundMe and enjoy the fantastic pleasure of being able to drive to work once again. This is certainly a great story of how the internet has and can help make someone’s life better just by sharing their story of courage and tenacity.

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