A few nuggets from the Tokyo Motor Show

Daihatsu Noriori Concept

With the Tokyo Motor Show behind us we certainly saw a lot of amazing vehicles on display that might just find their way to the production lines sooner rather than later.  This is a motor show that not only allows us to see cars that are ready to drive very soon, but also to see cars that are in concept mode that may just be thoughts of what could come down the line.  With that in mind, here are some of the offerings that were presented at the show, falling into several different categories for you to enjoy.

Ken Okuyama Kode9 – this car is one that is gorgeous to behold jet looks eerily familiar.  That might be because of the Lotus Elise underpinnings, or it could be the fact this car looks like it belongs in the Speed Racer comics and cartoons to be one of the favorite choices of the heroes of the show.  Not only did Ken bring the Kode9 in coup and roadster form to the show by he brought the Kode7 which is a car built in the Ariel Atom style.  Along with these speedsters Okuyama showed off a farm tractor that he designed at the show.  For Ken this was a way to show off his ability to create and design a wide variety of great vehicles for different purposes.

Daihatsu Noriori Concept – This is a microvan, which is what we see all over the streets of Tokyo in order to have vehicles that are great people movers.  With dual sliding doors and musical note turn signals and the shape of a refrigerator this vehicle shows off a great deal of whimsy which could certainly allow you to enjoy a great ride.  This van offers wheelchair accessibility and makes perfect sense even if it’s a bit of an odd vehicle to look at and enjoy.

Daihatsu Hinata Concept – Another concept from the same company is this interesting microvan that offers a set of four-way flashing turn signals that are a random pattern to certainly capture the attention of other drivers on the road.  This may be the start of a theme as this is only the second of the three concept vans form Daihatsu to make their way to the show.

Daihatsu Tempo Concept – This is the most enjoyable and complete of the three concepts from the company.  The Tempo is actually a coffee shop on wheels with just enough space to brew coffee, take transactions and have a display case for some great pastries.  This is the perfect little café on wheels at only 660-cc you can enjoy the fun and function of running your small business from this van and know you’re able to serve your customers in the way you really want to be able to do so.

Suzuki Hustler – Just because Suzuki doesn’t make cars for the US market anymore doesn’t mean they stopped in Japan.  The Hustler is a small 4×4 that offers a low weight, only 52 horsepower and weighs in at less than 2,000 pounds.  This small SUV can give you the fun of going off road easily and still fit well inside the city streets of Tokyo for you to enjoy the ride.

Toyota Kikai Concept – You might not expect oddities from Toyota, but they bring them at times to show off the creativity of their teams and give us something other worldly.  This concept appears to be a dune buggy that has been retro fitted with a hot rod.  with very little covering the vehicle you can see everything at work to give you an idea of some beauty and whimsy that makes this a fun little car to view and imagine driving.  Although this concept has only three seats and a mid-rear engine, it certainly takes the concept of being a hot rodder more seriously by putting the whitewalls to the inside of the tires in an old tradition.

Toyota Land Cruiser – This Land Cruiser is the one that was of Australian Spec and was a bit of a jab at the fact that this version which was from the 1970s was not able to meet the stability requirements of Japan and had to leave the country to be offered everywhere else.  This great looking 1974 throwback vehicle even showed off with a coat of grime that was earned from some great off road time before coming to the show.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Baja Portalegre 500 – This is how you take the electric crossover to the next level.  This beauty looked Baja ready and angry at being snubbed as underpowered just because it’s a PHEV.  This Outlander could certainly be one that is ready to show you exactly what a crossover can and should be able to do while still enjoying being an electric crossover to change your mind about what these vehicles should be.

As you see here are a few awesome and odd vehicles that you can enjoy in concept so far but just might make it to the road sooner rather than later.  Whether you are amazed by some of the sports cars intrigued by the vans or inspired by the SUVs that were on display this show was one that gave us a lot of interesting models that are certainly give our imaginations a workout and lead us to hope we can see some of these models on the road soon.

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