After 8 Years of a Secular White House, Can We Afford Another Secular President?

Donald Trump Secular Worldview

First things first: this is not an attack on Trump’s faith. He claims to be a Christian and that’s between him and his Creator. However, everything he’s said and done indicates that he is a secular person; his worldview is clearly not driven by Biblical doctrine. That is indisputable as his claims to never ask for forgiveness and statements that he’s a “great Christian” are clear indicators that he’s not Bible-driven. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad person nor does it mean that he’s not a Christian. It simply means he looks at the world through a lens that doesn’t include the Bible. He’s secular and he doesn’t claim otherwise.

With that understood, let’s look at the importance of a Biblical worldview. Those who do not actively practice Christian faith will likely immediately jump to the conclusion that we’re promoting a theocracy. On the contrary, we aren’t insinuating any such thing. However, it is clear that the founding fathers and most Presidents through Ronald Reagan were active in their faith, revered their Savior Jesus Christ, and held a Biblical worldview. This means something in a world that is so opposed to Christian doctrine. It means something in a country that has grown much more secular through President Obama’s terms.

When the Bible is at the center of one’s worldview, the decisions that person makes are better. That’s not to say that every decision is a good one. However, the natural human tendency to err on the side of evil is the cloud that can only be overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit. We’re all sinners. None of us are good – no, not one. Secular people can do good things and Biblical people can do bad things. However, when important decisions need to be made, the clarity that is granted to a repentant Christian is invariably superior to the shroud that secularism places before a non-believer’s eyes.

For example, Marco Rubio seems to hold a Biblical worldview. He was guided to reject amnesty throughout his Senatorial campaign and into his first year in the Senate. Despite the clarity that he was originally given, he allowed the haze of secularism to redefine his logic and to paint amnesty through a perspective that was guided by political expediency. It made sense to him because he abandoned his initial calling to follow the logic of his peers that he respected such as John McCain and Chuck Schumer. Despite his Biblical worldview, he went in the other direction.

Even those with a Biblical worldview can go astray. They simply have a better chance of staying the course and fighting the good fight. It’s for this reason that we’re adamantly opposed to Donald Trump. We do not doubt that in his heart he wants to make America great again. We also do not doubt that he’s had some huge successes in his life. Lastly, we look at some of his policy proposals and we see positives. However, his lack of discernment has also manifested multiple times throughout his life. He has no core outside of himself. This gives him strength in certain situations such as when talking to a crowd. Nobody delivers a better sales pitch than Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it’s the type of core that cause people to live secular lives. He made a fortune by taking advantage of people’s gambling weaknesses. He claims to have slept with hundreds of women, many of whom he says were married. He has gone through three marriages himself. He makes decisions based upon a secular worldview.

This lack of a core also causes divergence in perspectives. It’s the only way to explain his transformation from abortion-protecting, gun-hating, Clinton-loving liberal to suddenly espousing Republican ideals. It’s also a scary prospect; anyone who can change so many of their beliefs so quickly should never be trusted to lead this country. It wasn’t a positive thing the other day when he said, “I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.”

Nobody is perfect and we’re not calling for the condemnation of Donald Trump. We’re all sinners. Just because most with a Christian worldview would not open strip clubs to cultivate more sin doesn’t mean that we’re any better than Trump. With that said, it should give any Christian pause when looking at Trump. He’s a “strongman.” What we need in the White House is a strong man… of faith.

Being that nobody’s perfect, I won’t even try to convince anyone that Ted Cruz is righteous. He isn’t. Nobody is. What we do know is that he’s demonstrated consistency and principles that align with the Biblical worldview. That’s precisely what America needs after two terms of President Obama.

Now more than ever, the country needs a Biblical worldview to return to the Oval Office. Since Reagan, it’s been missing, but it has never been as bad as it has been under Obama. We cannot put someone else who treats the Bible even more frivolously than Obama in the White House in 2017.