Aged gas lines are a ticking time bomb

Aged Gas Lines

One of the responsibilities of government is to make sure the infrastructure is both safe and working properly. For decades, Americans have enjoyed some of the most reliable services in the world, but the safety concerns of the aged gas lines that lie just beneath the surface of major cities across the country have many concerned that we’re not safe.

New lines are needed. They aren’t perfect; installing new lines reduces gas leaks by 30%. Still, considering the consequences of lines catching on fire and exploding, it’s clear that this is an issue that should not be ignored by the mass media any more. Thankfully, it’s starting to come to light.

In this politically-charged environment in an election year, we’re going to hear a lot about sexier topics like radical Islamic terrorism, gun control, gay marriage, and the economy. The issue of infrastructure must be tacked before the it becomes an insurmountable problem.

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