Al Gore believes the internet is the key to fighting global warming

Al Gore believes the internet is the key to fighting global warming

Former Vice President Al Gore has made it clear how worried he is about the ramifications of hammering the environment, which he believes stems from corporate influences on politicians and governments across the globe. However, at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference on Thursday, he praised a handful of major technology companies.

“Everyone knows the way we got out of the Great Depression was mobilizing for World War II,” said Gore. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a huge project where we needed to mobilize people around the world for jobs that couldn’t be automated?”

Al Gore hinted that we already have such a project. Over the course of his hour-long talk, Gore listed numerous distressing statistics about the natural disasters that have plagued the globe in recent years, from China to Colorado to Guatemala. He followed this up with some depressing predictions concerning ongoing droughts and the increasingly low inter temperatures.

“We’ve got to take responsibility for consequences of our actions endangering the earth,” Gore retorted. “We need to recognize the age of renewables is beginning,” insisted Gore. He emphasized the business opportunities by renewable energy development and technology, asserting that “the private sector is going to finance most of renewable energy.”

It was then that Gore praised Apple, Google, and Salesforce for their respective energy goals, and also highlighted American business magnate and billionaire Warren Buffett as a prime example of an entrepreneur investing heavily in the renewable energy space, saying that he’s “not someone known for making dumb decisions.”

Continuing from this, Gore expressed his belief that the internet will play a major role in this shift, projecting that the internet will be more powerful and influential than even television, citing that advertising revenue from the internet surpassed that of television last year.

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