Albert Mohler on inerrancy versus authority

Albert Mohler

The Holy Bible is considered by many in churches to be inerrant. It is 100% correct in the views of many pastors and churchgoers. Of note is that in both of those statements, the word “many” could once be replaced by the phrase “nearly all.” Today, that’s not the case according to Dr. Albert Mohler and it’s causing problems in churches across the country.

According to Mohler, the problem is with discretionary authority status given to the Bible rather than establishing that it’s the true Word of God. By doing so, churches fall into the trap of allowing societal norms such as homosexual marriage to creep into the church and the doctrines that it teaches. It allows for tolerance over adherence, for casual interpretation rather than proper exegesis. This leads churches down a dark path and we’re seeing it manifest in churches everywhere in the country.

According to his blog:

There are big lessons here for every church, every denomination, and every Christian institution. Once biblical inerrancy is abandoned, there is no brake on theological and moral revisionism. The Bible’s authority becomes relative, and there is no anchor to hold the church to the words of Scripture and 2,000 years of Christian witness.

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