Ali Mohammed al-Nimr will be crucified and beheaded for protesting Saudi government

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr

One of the most egregious crimes that Americans and the United States government commit on a regular basis is turning a blind eye to atrocities for the sake of political ties. There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia has been an extremely important ally to the United States from an economic perspective for decades, but at what point do our values overrule our financial needs?

That time should be now. You won’t hear much about Ali Mohammed al-Nimr in the mainstream media because the government doesn’t want you to see it. You’ll hear all about the tragic death of Cecil the Lion, but you won’t hear of a 17-year-old boy who was arrested for protesting, tortured until he signed a confession that he had a gun which he later denied exhaustively when not under duress, and sentenced to crucifixion and death by beheading for speaking out against the government that the United States supports.

This is a vengeance sentencing. His uncle, who is also sentenced to die this week, is a leader of an opposition group to the current regime.

Where is the public outcry? Where is the press coverage telling the citizens of the United States that one of our closest allies in the Middle East is going to execute someone who committed the “crime” of speaking out against his government? Many will point to cultural differences and claim that we should not get involved. They would be correct on one count. We should not be involved with any government that is willing to convict, torture, and behead its own citizens that act out as children.

He didn’t kill anyone. He didn’t rape anyone. He did not commit an act of treason or espionage. He protested. They say he had a gun and tortured him until he admitted that he did. In the end, he had the wrong uncle and spoke out against the wrong government.

There are so many liberal protesters who accuse Israel of heinous acts. These same people will be as silent as the US government and the mainstream media when it comes to the crucifixion and beheading of Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr.

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