America should take lessons from Israel about water

California Drought Israel

It’s easy as a California resident to be a little worried about the future in our drought-torn state. Despite the rains that have been coming through El Niño, we’re still faced with dried lawns and warnings from the water company every time we go over our allotment. It’s not a huge deal yet but if things don’t change, we could be having the environmental crisis that the left has been warning about for a while.

This isn’t a call to bring about more climate change measures. The reality is that there’s enough water in America to fix things. We’re just water novices – watersnobs, if you will. We haven’t had to worry about whether or not we’re going to go thirsty. In California, despite the drought problems, the biggest issue for many is how to keep the lawn from turning brown. Unfortunately, we’re heading down a path towards real water shortages that could affect health and food supplies and the pace is much faster than most realize.

The water erudite scholars of the world are in Israel. Since before the Jewish state officially became a country, some of their greatest minds were at work trying to figure out ways to conserve, reclaim, and preserve their water supplies. They’ve been able to take a desolate desert landscape and turn it into a fertile place that is almost self-sustainable. This feat is not one to ignore; we’re talking about lands that were so barren at one point that most didn’t even want it outside of religious implications. Today, it’s the envy of desert countries around the world.

If the drought in the western United States continues or even spreads to other parts of the country, we’re going to be in big trouble. It’s time to turn to Israel and start adopting their common-sense measures to secure our water future.

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