Another blogger folds to Monsanto

Monsanto Protests

At some point, one has to wonder if there really is money changing hands when it comes to Monsanto and bloggers. It seems unlikely, of course, but the number of bloggers who are miraculously “seeing the light” about Monsanto and becoming rabid supporters is starting to get ridiculous.

Case-in-point: Manny Schewitz from Forward Progressives. This liberal blog has been on the right side of many issues, but they’ve turned into Monsanto apologists for whatever reason. In this case, it’s being blamed on science. According to their hundreds of hours of research, the site is now claiming that most of the negatives associated with GMO and Monsanto are trumped up in order to promote the $63 billion organic food industry.

Let’s say that it’s true. It’s not, but for the sake of argument, let’s go down that path. Currently, Monsanto has the footprint, logistics, political clout, infrastructure, and most importantly the cash to be able to feed millions, perhaps tens of millions of starving people and still remain profitable. They could continue to grow, innovate, and save a massive number of people at the same time.

Supporters would point to token initiatives that are minimal compared to the dollars they spend preventing GMO labels from going on our food. Supporters would point to the other companies in the industry that aren’t doing any better than Monsanto and offer that as an excuse for the company to squander the incredible power they wield. Supporters would point to countless studies about how Monsanto is saving the monarch butterflies, fixing the environment for bees to repopulate, and making food better and easier to produce.

Supporters do not want to hear that monarch butterflies are still dying, bee populations are still diminishing at an alarming rate, and the food improvements they’re making through their “enhancement” processes are not solving world hunger. This is a company, like so many out there, that profits off of starvation. They help just enough to say that they’re helping so they have positive spin for the things they do.

This isn’t a political issue between left and right. It’s not even a moral issue where companies should be compared based upon their good and bad works. It comes down to this: they are one of the most successful and powerful companies in the world and they’re utilizing their specialized resources to make the world a better place. Schewitz points at Exxon, Bain Capital, and Verizon as having worse traits than Monsanto. My counter to that: it’s not a race to see who’s more evil. Everyone is responsible for their neighbors. Those who can do more should do more.

If all of the negative sentiment about Monsanto turns out to be unearned, then they still exist as a company that could save millions but that chooses not to based upon the power and profits that they would have to give up. That alone is enough for me to continue to dislike them.

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