Are driverless cars too far fetched for today’s drivers?

Are driverless cars too far fetched for today's drivers?

If you look around the tech blogs and automotive websites, you’ll see that everyone seems to be getting into the driverless car race. The technology to have a vehicle drive us from point A to point B without our interaction beyond plugging in the destination seems like a nice possibility if it works, but modern drivers are very skeptical about whether or not it will actually work the way it’s being billed.

Some manufacturers are jumping on board. Others are promoting the concept of keeping control in the hands of human drivers. Either way, it’s a trend that seems destined to continue even if it never bears real fruit.

In a recent writeup, the Washington Post tackles the issue and points to many of the concerns that drivers and even manufacturers have as this burgeoning technology continues to accelerate:

Loaded with cameras, sensors and computing power, the cars’ performances have been, in tests, more sharp and consistent than human drivers without fear of drowsiness, drunkenness or distraction.

Yet the tension comes from a puzzling inconsistency traced in a survey by, which found that although most Americans say they are unnerved about ceding total control to a driverless car, they are happy to pay for all the piecemeal upgrades on which that car is built.

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