As Rubio lurches right, New Hampshire moderates should reject his inconsistency

Marco Rubio New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton has famously used different voices and espoused different stances depending on her audience. Marco Rubio has been pulling from her playbook, coming across as a hardcore Christian conservative in Iowa while appealing to pragmatic Republicans in New Hampshire. Will the the shifting mesmerize east coast moderates into making him the Establishment pick?

If the mainstream media has anything to do with it, the answer is yes. The love that is being showered over Rubio from journalists and the Washington Establishment is so obvious it’s almost conspiratorial. Now that they’ve seen Donald Trump’s vulnerabilities, they’re scrambling to embrace Rubio as the consensus choice of the moderate lane. This is conspicuously hypocritical since they were lukewarm to him before his surge and then painted him as a conservative for the Iowa audience in the days leading up to the caucus.

John Kasich and Jeb Bush are doing well enough in the polls to challenge this contention and Ted Cruz is better positioned as the candidate who can prevent a Trump nomination with the “SEC Primary” less than a month away. For these reasons, New Hampshire should be choosing anyone other than Rubio (or Trump) to carry their mantle of strength that emerged when they were the first to embrace Ronald Reagan back in 1980. Since then, the state has chosen only one other eventual President and that was really an attempt at Reagan’s third term with George H. W. Bush.

No New Hampshire GOP winner has won the White House ever since.

This can change if New Hampshire Republicans select Cruz as their nominee. If he’s too conservative for some voters, the moderate lane has three viable alternatives. Rubio should not be one of them since he’s arguably the second least-electable against Hillary Clinton. This sentiment isn’t popular, but a look beyond Rubio’s top layer reveals that he has too many vulnerable spots that the Democrats can exploit.

If New Hampshire wants a moderate, they have Kasich, Bush, and Christie. If they want a conservative, they have Cruz. Voting for Rubio in the mushy middle is a vote for the political expediency that New Hampshire voters have rejected for decades.

If you still think Rubio is most electable, watch this video:

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