As the west views the Islamic State as ‘thugs,’ they strive to build a nation

ISIS Nation Building

According to President Obama, the Islamic State is nothing more than thugs bent on destruction and terror. That may actually be the case for many in the group, but their goal of a caliphate and building a Muslim nation ruled by their apocalyptic leaders betrays a sophistication that goes beyond guns and beheadings.

A 24-page document leaked to The Guardian reveals that they have much bigger plans than a reign of terror throughout the Middle East or sporadic attacks against the people of the west. They have plans for education, economy, and infrastructure once they’ve taken enough land and established defensible positions within them. They want a state of their own.

This revelation doesn’t take away from their nature of being thugs in its purest form but it does put their intentions under a new lens. They aren’t seeking chaos. They’re seeking stability. They aren’t trying to take down the strong. They want to be strong themselves. It might sound subtle to those of us living in the west, but it tells us that they have actual plans with real goals rather than being the ragtag group of misfits that the mainstream media portrays them as in most reports.

“If the west sees [Islamic State] as an almost stereotypical band of psychopathic killers, we risk dramatically underestimating them,” retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal said.

The biggest concern isn’t whether or not they can succeed but in the value that this brings to the recruiting table. Those in the Middle East and throughout the world who are worried that they don’t have a plan can find solace in this news. That means more recruits. That means more terrorists and battlefield combatants.

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