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Social Media Vetting

If you’re in your mid to late twenties or even your early thirties, chances are that you’ve fooled around long enough and it is time to think about getting your life together. Many people in this age bracket have graduated from college, and have at least their bachelor’s degree in something that they’re not using.

Stranger Things’ Stronghold

Every now and then, a show takes over the news feed of nearly every social media channel. It’s all people can talk about, and if you’re not watching it, you feel left out. Your co-workers, your kids, all of your friends, and even your parents are watching this phenomenal new show that you’re completely in

Monsanto found guilty of poisoning farmer

In 2012 a court ruled Monsanto guilty of poisoning a French farmer, and on Thursday the ruling was upheld. The farmer claims that after inhaling the LASSO weedkiller, a soil-applied herbicide, he suffered major neurological problems. The chemical was banned in France in 2007