Bay Area Councilwoman wants to Curb Bike Traffic

Bike Trail in Sausalito

The San Francisco Bay area is known for bikes. Plenty of commuters and tourists alike ride bikes everywhere, something that fits in with the environmentally-friendly reputation the area holds. That’s why it’s ironic that in Sausalito, the little town on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, is considering putting a limit to the number of biking tourists that can come into their town.

Allegedly, it’s for safety reasons. After all, bikes on city streets can be dangerous and traffic is already horrendous in the area. Unfortunately, it’s most likely a little deeper than that. Yes, safety is likely a sincere concern, but there’s also the financial impact. You see, too many bikes means people are less willing to drive their motor vehicles into the area. That means fewer tourist dollars for local businesses (in theory) because people on bikes don’t load up on purchases like people in SUVs.

It sounds like a lame and at least a little ironic of a reasoning behind it, but Treehugger tells us this is happening.

Except if Sausalito councilwoman Linda Pfeifer has her way, you won’t be able to what I did. She says that there are too many of us and that the town is being overrun with tourists on bikes. She tells ABC “That’s 1,000 rental bikes a day coming into our small town, and it’s just unsustainable to have those numbers exponentially increase every year.”

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