Believe it or Not, These are not Pictures

Paul Cadden Pencil Drawing

The world of hyperrealism is one that is intended to fool the mind and make us question reality. This painstaking style of art requires the skill of the masters and the perseverance necessary to make something as vivid as real life. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found; consider it a sampling of a single piece linked to the sources where more of the magic can be found.

Francesco Capello – “Figure in Auto”

Francesco Capello Woman Driver

Mark Goings – “Streamline”

Mark Goings - "Streamline"

Paul Cadden – “Detroit”

Paul Cadden Detroit

Davis Cone – “Radio City” and “Bad Axe”

Davis Cone - "Radio City" and "Bad Axe"

Simon Hennessey – “Close Up”

Simon Hennessey - "Close Up"

Rafaella Spence – “Work in Progress”

Rafaella Spence - "Work in Progress"

Stephen Shub – “’57 Mercury”

Stephen Shub - "'57 Mercury"

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  1. This is amazing ! cant believe, is this really ART ? I have some doubt about the “close up” picture by Simon Hennessey . If it is than , I have no words to express. Mind boggling, what a talent. God bless all these artist.

    • You can see it in her upper lip that it’s a painting. Still flawless, but definitely a painting.

  2. Actually they are “pictures” even though they may not be photographs.

  3. Evelyn Walker says:

    This is really amazing! Even the reflections off the car and the window’s and eye’s look so REAL! I hope the man/woman that creates these works of art makes a LOT of money.

  4. Freddy Theuwissen says:

    Sorry to tell you that on some pics you can see someone taking a pic….

    • Yes, because someone PAINTED it that way — on purpose, as if someone was taking a photograph in the glass. Now THAT’S talent.

    • Sorry to tell you, but a person took a picture then painted it as realistically as possible, therefore painting the reflections as well. How can you make something look real without a reflection here and there?

    • I believe that is part of the painting…to add to the realism

    • That’s kind of the point of hyper-realism. If it’s something that would be present in reality, then it will be represented in the work of art. C:

    • The painting is called “Work in Progress”. That’s kind of the point… to make it look real by showing a ‘reflection’

    • Sorry to tell you, but that’s the POINT! These are PAINTED from photographs, dullard!

    • I think what you are seeing is supposed to be part of the painting. If you look at some of Shubs works, the one with the car, you see others with reflections in them as well.

    • zach slomers says:

      thats the point of the one in vegas idiot! its supposed to look like that the lady in the background is to add to the illusion of a photo IT IS A PAINTING YOU RETARD TROLL!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      The picture that you can see the reflection…the reflection is part of the picture that was painted, so it looks more like a photograph. Yes these are all painted

    • Gary Hench says:

      Just for the hellovit, which one?

  5. Dave Lutz says:

    Come on Freddy….you are suppost to see that. That’s what makes them so real. Try and keep up. Or go back to number painting or coloring inside the lines!

  6. Being a Detail artist myself I have doubt concerning about half of the Pictures IE: close up, work in progress, 57 mercury, streamline and figure in auto There are much better artist’s than myself, but those mentioned have certain areas that make me think photograph not painting as far as the rest exceptional work .

  7. Amazing enough, but it’s frustrating the standards of “art” are equated only with how “real” the maker is capable of executing it. A successful work will transcend whatever charming scenery may be present.

  8. Gary Hench says:

    Just for the sake of argument…….which reflection shows someone taking the pic?

  9. ^^Ever think that they drew the reflections of what looks like someone taking a pic on purpose? Or maybe they were drawing from a photograph and decided to draw in the reflection that appeared in the photo?

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