Ben Carson should be in DC… as Ted Cruz’s Surgeon General

Ben Carson Surgeon General Ted Cruz

Ben Carson is a brilliant man. He’s a Christian. He’s probably the most ethical of the GOP candidates. In a different world, he might even be a great President, but today’s geopolitical dynamic requires a leader that does not need on-the-job training.

It’s no secret that I’m a Ted Cruz supporter. One look at my Twitter feed would reveal that I’m practically obsessed. The reason is because this election is the most important one I’ve been involved with and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve seen many over my life. This is more important than 2008 when we tried to keep Barack Obama out of the White House. It’s more important than 1980 when we ejected Jimmy Carter in favor of a real conservative. The difference this year is that the things that made each of those two elections important are in play. We have an existential threat in either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders that is actually worse than President Obama. Moreover, we have a Statesman as a candidate that can be the next Ronald Reagan. Ted Cruz is the right leader for this time in history.

Then, there’s Ben Carson. He’s been my second choice for some time, occasionally shifting to my third choice behind Marco Rubio. They are both far behind Cruz when it comes to dedication, values, and proper conservative ideology, but they will both make excellent pieces of the Republican government picture in the future. For Rubio, I think he’s a great successor to Cruz as the 2024 candidate. For Carson, he needs to be in Washington DC in 2017 as the Surgeon General.

Many don’t realize the importance of having a highly ethical and respected doctor in the role. He represents the field of medicine and the morals of conservatism better than any other doctor in the public eye. This should make him an easy choice for just about any candidate, but it’s in a Cruz administration that the potential for Surgeon General Carson is at its highest. They like each other and Cruz has likely been in contact with him about the possibility, particularly ever since the neurosurgeon started falling in the polls. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, there is very likely a gentleman’s agreement in place that when Carson’s campaign fades, he will line up with Cruz.

It’s unfortunate that Carson can’t win the nomination. Donald Trump made sure of that by issuing a scathing barrage of attacks that made Carson look bad. Alone, it didn’t kill his chances, but it was the first domino that sent it down this dark path. The consolation for him and his supporters is that he’s poised to join a Cruz administration if Trump can be stopped.

When Cruz repeals Obamacare, he’ll need someone like Ben Carson to help architect the replacement. Carson’s caring, intellect, and conservative values will be the best combination for this and the many other things that he can accomplish as Surgeon General of the United States.

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  2. David Christhilf - Virginia

    I’ve been thinking that Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina would be a good choice for vice president for Cruz. If not vice president, then Carson would be a good choice for Surgeon General and Fiorina would be a good choice for Secretary of State.

    Now with Carson’s playing “victim” over the Cruz campaign sending tweets about a late-breaking CNN story concerning Carson’s campaign plans, I’m thinking Carson may need to stick to being Surgeon General.

    I’m sure Cruz will make great choices for running mate and for cabinet positions,
    and doesn’t need advice from me.

  3. Fran

    Are you kidding me? Surgeon General is just a public health spokesperson. Kinda like telling someone with a Harvard Law degree that they should just be a legal secretary.