Ben Carson wants online-only debates

Ben Carson Debates

When you’re the front runner, you can say pretty much whatever you want about the various campaign venues. Ronald Reagan proved this. Bill Clinton reiterated it. Now, Ben Carson is putting his foot down and suggesting that future debates should be for the internet only.

The idea follows a debacle of a debate held by CNBC in which the debaters, the crowd, and all but the most liberal observers felt that the format of the debate and the questions being asked were ludicrous. It seemed design to embarrass the candidates rather than to give the American people an opportunity to learn more about them.

Carson’s camp had an answer.

The idea isn’t exactly bad, though it will never happen. In the digital age where so many get their entertainment, news, and music through streams rather than traditional media delivery formats, it makes sense to consider. Maybe next time. This time, we’re going to have more televised debates.

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