BT has signed the UK’s biggest solar energy deal to power its research center

BT has signed the UK’s biggest solar energy deal to power its research center

BT has announced a £26 million ($42 million) deal to receive 100% of the green energy that will be generated by United Kingdom Sustainable Energy’s new solar farm in Suffolk, England in order to power the telecommunication giant’s Adastral Park research campus for the next two decades.

The agreement, which is believed to be the biggest dedicated private solar scheme in the United Kingdom, will see BT’s Adastral Park research campus consume a massive eight megawatts of power from the newly developed solar farm by the end of the year. The solar farm covers 16 hectares and contains more than 32,500 solar panels.

Doctor Tim Whitley, BT’s head of research and managing director of Adastral Park, said: “As a leading technology center for the United Kingdom, we have a responsibility to find innovative ways of reducing our environmental impact. This contract represents another great step in reinforcing our sustainable energy plans for the park and BT. This agreement will mean that the solar farm will supply up to 90 per cent of site demand on sunny summer days.”

BT is a major consumer of electricity in the United Kingdom, having used around two Terawatt hours in 2013/2014. Over the last five years, the company has reduced the energy needed to run its business, cumulatively saving more than £131 million ($215 million) in energy costs. BT’s commitment to the Power Purchase Agreement is what ensured that the new solar farm was built in the first place.

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