This bus uses human feces as an alternative energy source

First poop-powered bus launches in the UK

The United Kingdom has launched its first bus that’s powered entirely by treated sewage and food waste, according to Quartz. The so-called “Bio-Bus” embarked on its maiden voyage on Thursday, running solely on the bio-methane gas that was produced by treating sewage and waste at a special plant that’s run by a bio-technology company known as GENeco.

Bath Bus Company is operating the 40-seat bus, which is supposed to ferry passengers from Bath to the Bristol Airport, and vice versa. Using the average annual waste of about five people, the bus can travel an impressive 186 miles on a single tank of gas, according to The Guardian.

This poop-fueled bus could potentially improve the air quality in the area, as bio-methane produces significantly less emissions than regular diesel fuel. GENeco general manager Mohammed Saddiq said in a press release that the Bio-Bus “is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself.”

“With so much attention being directed towards improving air quality generally, the public reaction to the appearance of this bus on a service between a world heritage city and an airport will further focus on the potential for this particular fuel,” said Bath Bus Company’s Collin Field, as quoted by BBC.

“GENeco’s Bio-Bus is an excellent demonstration of bio-methane’s unique benefits; de-carbonizing areas other renewables can’t reach,” said Charlotte Morton, chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association, as quoted by Ubergizmo. “A home generated green gas, bio-methane is capable of replacing around 10% of the UK’s domestic gas needs and is currently the only renewable fuel available for HGVs.”

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