Californians are finally starting to pay more attention to the drought

It has been decades since California or any major population center in the United States has had to deal with a drought that has lasted for several years. Now, the people of the state have for the first time declared that the water shortage is their biggest concern according to a new poll.

Nearly 40% of those polled said that the drought is the state’s most pressing current issue. Despite an unpopular cut back on water consumption declared by Governor Jerry Brown, 54% believe that the measure is not enough. Coincidentally, nearly the same number of people polled believe that marijuana should be legalized in the state.

California 2014

“Public concern about the drought is at a record-high level today,” Mark Baldassare, Public Policy Institute of California president said. “Most Californians are satisfied with the governor’s actions, but a sizable number say the mandatory water reductions have not gone far enough.”

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