Can Obama and Netanyahu make nice? Yes and no.

Benjamin Netanyahu Barack Obama

It doesn’t take a behavioral scientist to look at the interactions between US President Barack Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and come to the conclusion that they don’t like each other. The politically far-left Obama and the far-right Netanyahu have more than just political perspectives driving them apart. They have a completely different perspective as it pertains to the Iran nuclear deal and that divide is enough to break apart any potential common ground.

Despite the strain to their relationship and the relationship between their two countries, they will be meeting this week to help iron out some deals to bring the leery allies back to focus on their common goals. One of those goals is the defense of Israel, something that even the most unimpressed US President must admit is important in a Middle East that is loaded with turmoil. To do this, there will be some talks about a Palestinian State.

There will be no Palestinian State as long as these two are in power. President Obama has given up on getting it done before he’s out of office and Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot afford to do more than keep the peace process alive. Any deal would be political suicide, not to mention military suicide for his country. Instead, the two will focus on keeping the dialogue open long enough for Obama to make his exit. That’s all that both could hope for – open dialogue and continued military support for Israel.

Yes, they will play nice and put forth a unified front that will commend future peace talks, returning stability to Israel, and sustaining Israel’s military advantage in the region. No, they won’t actually accomplish much and they won’t be having a beer together after the talks.

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