Can the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development connect North America to Asia, Europe, and Africa?

Trans-Eurasian Belt Development

How much do you like to drive? Are you afraid of flying or would you simply prefer to have your own vehicle with you wherever you go? Talks have begun to find a way to connect a larger portion of the world to us here in the US in order to make Europe, Asia and even Africa accessible via automotive transportation. The proposal is to create a superhighway that could connect through Alaska and into Russia, which would then make more of the world accessible via automotive transportation and give us a way to reach far off lands without having to board an airplane.

Of course the distance alone would be nearly 13,000 miles and with a trip of this length there would need to be many places along the way to stop and take in sights, sounds and have a great place to sleep. This can lead to a great deal of commerce along this massive super highway with plenty of places to stop and eat, get out and stretch your legs and even plenty of great views of landscapes that have been only accessible via air travel so far.

This project already has a name, the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) and has been proposed to Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin as a serious proposal. Not only would there be a massive amount of commerce improvements if such a road were built, but the cost to build would be in the trillions of dollars and take many years to take place, creating global jobs that would last for a long time and be a boost to some who have suffered an economic downturn over the past several years. The current plan, at least through Russia is to lay this road down next to the Trans-Siberian Railway which is the longest railway in the world.

Some of the obstacles currently in the way begin with the minimum span of 55 miles between the mainland of Russia and Alaska with a wilderness of 520 miles in Alaska before the closest settlement is reached. Of course if this distance can be laid with roads, there will be plenty of roads to connect to in order to create this transcontinental highway using roads that already exist, which might make it very possible to have such a road in place in order to drive from one continent to another via one major superhighway.

Although it’s not time to start planning your vacation to Europe just yet, and you might need to have an entire month set aside to make this journey and return, but the possibilities of being able to move to a foreign land and drive your own moving truck across such an expanse of highway sounds appealing for some. With many international needs to address along with the planning, testing and financing of such a venture still up the air, it’s not time to pack your bags just yet, but hopefully sometime in the future we will have the ability to make such a journey.

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