Canadian charities lead charge to push through Nepal’s logistical nightmare

Nepal Eathquake Victims

The Richter 7.8 earthquake that struck Nepal last month has presented logistical issues for getting aid to those in need. With nearly 8,000 known dead and tens of thousands in immediate need, three of the largest Canadian charities have banded together to deliver food and supplies to the most remote parts of the affected zone.

CARE Canada, Save the Children Canada and World Vision have all launched fundraising efforts to provide help for survivors of the Nepal earthquake and are encouraging Canadians to give generously.

launched their first major airlift to the region with shelter kits, mosquito nets, taps, blankets, and buckets, amongst other important supplies. The focus of the aid is on helping families, particularly those with small children.

“Children are the most vulnerable in this situation and urgently need shelter, food, water and other essential items. Save the Children has been working in Nepal for nearly 40 years and are well placed to respond both to immediate needs and in the long term,” said Patricia Erb, President and CEO, Save the Children Canada. “We are drawing on our resources from Canada and around the world to help the people in Nepal, but there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done. Together, we must commit to helping the people of Nepal.”

Donation totals for the coalition are currently over $1.6 million.

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