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The Most Heartbreaking TV Deaths

The people behind our favorite shows on television are puppet masters who write scripts to make you feel things.  They want you to get attached to their characters, because they ultimately have plans for them, that only they’re aware of.  They write the characters so that the viewer finds something to they identify with, whether

Online Dating Tips

In 2015, a survey showed that over 50% of Americans were single adults.  That’s a pretty crazy statistic, isn’t it?  When you consider the amount of people that you know, how many of them are single?  For me, as a woman in my thirties, it’s not many.  All of my friends are married, with the

Pollen’s Damaging Impact

Spring is in the air, and if you walk outside this time of year, chances are you’re noticing a pale green or yellow film covering nearly every surface that is left untouched.  If you haven’t seen it, take an allergy pill, blow your nose, and clear the haze from your eyes caused by seasonal allergies