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Are Smart TVs the Next Big Thing?

If we look back at the technology available to us twenty years ago, it’s almost unrecognizable now. Look closely at the internet, the televisions, the cell phones, and even kitchen appliances. There is a refrigerator on the market now that can stream music and tell you about the weather. Cell phones are small enough to

A New Configuration Already

Tesla is a company that doesn’t seem satisfied to sit back on their heels and watch as other models pass them by.  With continued advancements being made for the Model S and the newly delivered Model X as we await the Model 3 it seems this is a company that has little competition and offers

Is Cutting the Cord Possible?

We may think we’ve come a long way since ten channels and rabbit ears, but have we? These days, we lock ourselves into contracts with cable providers, often opting for services we don’t need in order to get the discounted rate that the company is offering. Yet, the average cable bill in America is in