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Let’s Go Grocery Shopping

For some people, grocery shopping is a therapeutic experience. The monotony of walking down the aisles and selecting the food that will nourish their body is soothing or cathartic. For others, the idea of hitting a grocery store after a long week at work sounds like some horrible form of torture, akin to repeatedly stubbing

Must Have Meteorology Apps

Human beings have had a long-running obsession with the weather. We love to know what’s going on outside around us. There are shows on television dedicated to weather conditions. There are people who chase mega storms to see what kind of havoc Mother Nature is capable of wreaking across the countryside. Most of us don’t

Are Smart TVs the Next Big Thing?

If we look back at the technology available to us twenty years ago, it’s almost unrecognizable now. Look closely at the internet, the televisions, the cell phones, and even kitchen appliances. There is a refrigerator on the market now that can stream music and tell you about the weather. Cell phones are small enough to