Chevy Visualizes the Sound of #Camarosix

2016 Chevy Camaro Sound

Teaser videos for new car releases are almost always aloof with their visuals, opting for hyper-close shots, strange angles, shadows, and blurred features. Chevrolet took their 2016 Camaro teaser video a few steps further by having nothing visual about the sports car revealed in their teaser video.

Rather trying to make our mouths water with visual clues, they opted to take advantage of the famous audio of the engine revving, the gears, shifting, and the colors of the acoustics playing gloriously throughout. It’s audio in visual form and it works. Then again, with the audio sampling in question, they could have put up a blank screen and we still would have listened all the way to the end.

Thankfully, there was a nice payoff for Camaro fans. The only thing they truly revealed was the classic red, white, and blue badging that had taken a hiatus. It’s back and it’s still beautiful.

Camaro Badge

Chevy fans, Camaro enthusiasts, and Chevrolet dealers will have to wait a bit longer before getting a real look at the highly anticipated sports car. With Ford continuing stellar sales of its redesigned 50th anniversary Mustang, the Camaro couldn’t have come at a better time for Chevrolet.

Who doesn’t love a great rivalry. Here’s the video…

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