Cyber Monday

Black Friday became kind of a thing in recent years as we’ve heard news of fist fights and stampedes as people clamor to get the best deals on the year’s hottest ticket items.  Even though Black Friday was established in 1952, and was meant to be the day that retailers books went from red to black, the spectacle of the day has made it a huge deal lately.  The deals are undeniable; a lot of them are incredibly significant discounts, but for many years the day and the discounts only applied to brick and mortar locations and internet shoppers got the short end of the stick.

Enter Cyber Monday; the internet’s answer to Black Friday.  Even though some stores start their biggest deals on Black Friday, almost all businesses celebrate Cyber Monday.  Sometimes the discounts are great and you can do just as well as you would’ve had you camped out in a parking lot on Black Friday, and sometimes its something as simple as free shipping.  The people cried out for equal consideration and the internet answered with Cyber Monday, but does it equal out?

Not The Same

In the beginning, when they first conceived of Cyber Monday, the deals were huge and it really was the internet’s version of Black Friday, but now all of the major sites offer Black Friday sales so they don’t really put a lot of focus on Cyber Monday anymore.  When it first started, there were a lot of stores who hyped their cyber deals for the Monday after Thanksgiving, but you don’t see that much anymore.  People aren’t as focused on the deals that happen on Cyber Monday, because most online retailers starting offering the same discounts as the brick and mortar locations on the same day that the rest of the world was jamming into stores.

Cyber Monday was meant to take the place of Black Friday for internet shoppers.  It was supposed to offer the exact same deals minus the fistfights over Elmo dolls in the aisles of the local Toys R’ Us and for a couple of years, it was just that.  Then internet stores figured out that there was no reason that they couldn’t do Black Friday sales too, and Cyber Monday kind of fell off the radar.

The thing is, though, that not all internet stores have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon.  While this wouldn’t have been a problem when Cyber Monday had some advertising behind it, it is now.  Many stores choose to participate in both major sales days, but only Black Friday is getting the hype anymore.  So a lot of people don’t realize that Cyber Monday deals are still a thing.  This is all well and good if you don’t consider the fact that a lot of businesses rely on these sales for their accounting, but a lot of them do.

Should Cyber Monday start getting the amount of advertising that Black Friday does, more stores would be able to rely on these huge sales days to increase their revenue for the year.  However, they just aren’t advertising things properly enough for people to know that Cyber Monday sales are alive and well and stores are still participating.

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