Until the Doors Fall Off: The Longest Lasting Cars

Until the Doors Fall Off The Longest Lasting Cars

Car buying is structured so that when your car is paid off, you want the next newest thing. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that leasing has become so popular over the years. For some people, the waiting is impossible and they’re trading up after only a few years of payments, hoping the depreciation rate doesn’t come back to bite them. However, there are also the people that pay off their cars and have no intention of buying a new car. They say they’ll drive the current one until the doors fall off.

With newer cars, though, it seems like as soon as they hit a certain mileage, or just after the warranty runs out, stuff starts to go wrong. While it may not be the doors falling off, many people will tire of the constant route to the mechanic’s shop and they’ll trade it in before something else goes wrong. Your relationship with your car becomes one of push and pull. You want to keep it because you’re no longer making payments, but you’re dropping money on a regular basis to get it repaired. Which is the better option? Do you just repair things until there’s nothing left to repair? How do we break the cycle?
There’s actually a pretty easy way to break the cycle of constant repairs, as there are cars that are built to last; to stand the test of time. These cars have been proven to last the longest with the least amount of costly repairs. While they may not be perfect specimens, in the end, you can, pretty much, rest assured that the doors aren’t actually going to fall off. Why some cars last longer than others is a mystery in the automotive world, but there are some sure things.
Toyota – While Toyota tops a list of the top ten with their full-size sedan, the Avalon, they also make their mark with one of the number one selling sedans on the market; the Camry. They actually round out the list with the most entries of any car brand, a record five of their models are considered nearly depreciation proof, and won’t require thousands of dollars’ worth of costly repairs immediately after you’re the sole owner. Not surprisingly, their highly-lauded minivan, the Sienna is considered a fairly impressive specimen, while the Corolla and the Prius also get high marks as well.
Honda – It wouldn’t be a list of top anything if Honda wasn’t showing up somewhere. Honda makes some of the country’s best selling vehicles and they’re known to last well past the 200K miles mark. According to studies 2.3% of Honda Accord models in the 12 million cars they sampled have well over 200,000 miles and are still fully functional. Also from Honda comes the Odyssey and the ever-popular Civic. Each of these models from Honda has proven the test of time and kept on going, making them not only a reliable choice but an economic one as well.
Subaru – Subaru is one of those brands that is incredibly popular for a handful of vehicles, but doesn’t really get a lot of attention. Perhaps their owners are the quiet types that don’t like to brag about how awesome their cars are, or maybe they just like to keep their vehicles under wraps so the streets don’t become flooded with them. Either way, two of their vehicles made the list; the Outback, a fan favorite for its rugged capabilities, and the Forester.
Ford – Perhaps the sleeper hit on this list is the American made Ford Taurus, coming in pretty close to the top. While domestic brands haven’t seen nearly the same popularity in sales as the foreign brands, the Taurus has shown itself as a vehicle to contend with. American cars aren’t typically known for their longevity, but maybe this reputation isn’t deserved as there just aren’t as many on the road as there used to be, or maybe the newer models of American cars simply haven’t reached the 200,000-mile mark to see if they make the list as well.
Nissan – Surprisingly Nissan only registered once on the list with the Quest, their minivan. Not as widely successful as the Sienna or the Odyssey, the Quest has proven itself to be quite an exciting find for the Nissan loyal family that has made the jump to a minivan. However, the most surprising part is that only one Nissan vehicle made it to the list. Nissan has been known as a brand that keeps on ticking for a long time, so it’s kind of shocking to see that the data didn’t indicate the same.
Whether you’re in the car of your dreams waiting for the doors to fall off, or you want to find the car that your kids can grow up with, you want something you know is going to last. Not surprisingly, some of the world’s top brands made the cut with several different vehicles, but maybe the sleeper hit is the domestic sedans. Look out foreign cars, could the Americans be creeping in the back door?
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