Environmental message of Tomorrowland fails to deliver

George Clooney Tomorrowland

This is not a movie review. In fact, we won’t be seeing this movie. It’s an account of disappointment for a movie that had the potential to promote the concepts of climate change but that failed on both levels: critically and at the box office.

Tomorrowland had all of the right elements. Disney is promoting it. George Clooney stars in it. The budget was there: $190 million. The timing was right as it’s the only major release (other than Pitch Perfect 2 if you want to consider it a major release) for Memorial Day weekend. Some would say that other studios backed off on releasing against it as a sign of respect. Righteous message – no need to hurt the cause.

Then, it failed. Miserably. Showbiz 411 says it will be the second-worst Memorial Day take in this century. As they mention as a Fun Fact:

“Tomorrowland” is the 44th highest ranking number 1 movie for Memorial Day in history. It ranks between “Dinosaur” (2000) and “Beverly Hills Cop 2″ (1987).

So what went wrong? Was the buzz off? Was the targeting poor? Was the economy down? No, we can attribute it to one thing and that’s the whole point of writing this article: Americans are getting climate change fatigue. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most people believe that it’s happening, so awareness moves like this movie are not as necessary. Coincidentally, this weekend is showing some pretty strange weather around the country with flooding in Oklahoma and Texas, freezing in the Northeast, and a drought in California.

What, then, should we do? If the nation is fatigued about the climate change debate, then perhaps it’s time to make real strides. This is not the time for political action. It’s the time for grassroots movement. We don’t need Hollywood or Washington DC to get us moving. We simply need to make the decision and act. Sounds too easy? It is. Then again, most things worth doing are pretty easy once you put your mind to it.

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