Even liberals believe Hillary Clinton must address her support of Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel Hillary Clinton

In modern history, it’s difficult to recall a politician as embattled and universally despised as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Unlike those who have been his league when it comes to angering his own city, nearly all of the others broke laws. Emanuel hasn’t broken laws, per se. He’s just a really bad leader.

Unfortunately for Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, he’s one of her bad leaders. Between Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s administrations, Emanuel has been a fixture in Hillary’s political career for decades. He’s a confidant, an adviser, even a mentor to her. He’s helped to shape her policies as well as her political career and now it’s hard for her to abandon someone who has been so instrumental throughout her professional life.

Mainstream media seems to be giving her a pass. Thankfully, the political blogs on both sides of the aisle are asking for more. They want it on record. They want her to do one of two things: end her support for the man who has contributed the most to the downfall of American’s third biggest city or defend why she continues to support him. So far, she’s done neither to the chagrin of even the furthest on the left…

When Salon is willing to break ranks and call for both the resignation of Emanuel and explanation from one of his closest supporters, you know things are bad. The question is whether or not mainstream media is going to address it at all.

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