France says Iran deal unlikely to meet deadline

France says Iran deal unlikely to meet deadline

After a couple of days of hope when it appeared the United Nations made dramatic process in getting a deal done with Iran, things turned south quickly when the Ayatollah decided to insult the other players in the negotiations. With the next major deadline approaching its 30-day notice, France is casting further doubts that a deal will get done in time.

Let’s call it what it is: the United Nations team gave up much more than they wanted to give up and Iran still didn’t think it was fair. In the negotiating world, this is called an insurmountable impasse. Unfortunately, the desires of US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama to build a foreign relations legacy may be the only thing left to keep the deal together. This means that they will likely try to give in even more to Iran’s demands, potentially putting the world in danger by allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons capabilities while rewarding them for doing so by lifting sanctions.

It’s way too early to tell, of course, but that’s not stopping France from calling it unlikely. As Yahoo News reports:

Envoys to Washington from Britain, France and Germany, three of the P5+1 group that also includes China, Russia and the United States, sketched out their expectations for the end game as a self-imposed June 30 deadline approaches.

“It’s very likely that we won’t have an agreement before the end of June or even (right) after,” French ambassador Gerard Araud said in an appearance at the Atlantic Council think tank.

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