Power Wheels F-150

One of the signature stamps of a vehicle that is highly appreciated, or just looks like it should be a lot of fun is to have that vehicle mimicked in some way. One of the best ways and certainly one that brings us back to a childhood full of great memories are to have a vehicle that is duplicated as a Fisher-Price Power Wheels ride on toy. For decades Power Wheels has been the brand name we know and love to give our kids their first motorcycle, first ATV, first Corvette and even their first truck.

With the impressive success and capability of the new aluminum-bodied F-150, the folks at Power Wheels decided to create their version of this awesome truck and partnered with the team at Ford to come up with a model that is stunningly attractive and shows some of the best features of the full size version. Apparently there was something secretive (or it was just fun to create the aura of a secret) to this build as the pre-production model of the miniaturized version was seen in testing camouflage being trailered behind one of the full sized F-150s.

The results of the mimicked vehicle look like fun, but the Ford team wanted to see something more. We now the F-150 to be tough, rugged and capable of taking on just about anything that can come its way, but how does the smaller model hold up to some tests of its strength? What better way to showcase the ability for this toy to hold and be strong than to have it support a full size version of itself? With this in mind the team at Ford went to work building a bracket that would be situated on top of the Power-Wheels version in order to have a place to put the big model without setting it directly in the seat of the smaller one.

Not only did the team need to build a bracket for this test, they needed four. The test was to put the Power-Wheels version of the F-150 at each wheel and set the truck down on top of these four smaller versions. With the assignment defined, the team went to work both building the four little trucks and assembling four brackets to seat on top of them so the larger truck could be lowered onto them, what happened next was really cool.

Weighing in at 4,120 pounds, the full size F-150 settled down on the four Power-Wheels versions of itself and they held up beautifully. Without a flinch these four mini-beasts took the load like champs, each handling 1,030 pounds of weight, even though the manufacturer suggested weight limit for these vehicles is much less. To prove the strength, once the test was done, one of the Ford team drove away in one of the Power-Wheels models, taking his opportunity to feel like a kid once again, even if only for a moment. As much success as the F-150 has had, it’s great to see a team having this much fun and taking the opportunity to test out the toy version of what they have accomplished.

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