Gap bans the sale of animal fur following public outcry

Gap bans the sale of animal fur following public outcry

If you’re looking for a nice, comfy fur sweater for the fall season, then Gap isn’t the place you want to look. Two weeks ago, Sarah Maddox launched a petition against Gap, denouncing the retailer for selling products which contained real animal fur for its upscale Piperlime label.

Maddox was outraged that the retailer was selling items that were made from animal fur, which is often harvested in an incredibly cruel manner. “These innocent creatures are beaten, electrocuted, or have their heads and necks stepped on,” she wrote in the text of the petition. “Animals killed for the fur industry are often skinned alive!”

In response to outrage regarding the use of animal fur, Gap issued this statement: “our opinions and views matter to us. That is why, effective immediately, Piperlime will no longer sell real fur products, whether they are made by our company or not. This is an expansion beyond our existing policy of prohibiting real fur in our branded products. We are committed to the ethical sourcing of our products, which includes the humane treatment of animals. We are also committed to our customers and welcome your feedback.”

Gap isn’t the only retailer that’s facing problems surrounding animal fur sourcing issues. Kohl’s was recently in the news for selling a faux fur jacket that was actually made from the pelts of raccoon dogs. The retailer cited vending issues as the reason for the mix-up, essentially saying that their vendors told them they were purchasing faux fur.

Read more about the story at The Chicago Tribune.

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