Glenn Beck vows to smuggle Syrian Christians into the U.S.

Glenn Beck

On Thursday at a rally in D.C. against the Iran Deal, Glenn Beck says if his audience can raise $10 million before Christmas, he will vet Chritian Syrian refugees in order to smuggle them into the U.S., despite possible imprisonment.

Beck claims in his recent interview with Ginni Thomas, that he has former CIA officials that already vetting the refugees and that “we can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved.”

After commenting on the state department not letting them in, he says that he knows “some bridges over the river into Texas that doesn’t seem to matter.” He goes on to say that he doesn’t need permission at all to do the right thing and that we should forget what Washington says, “no one needs permission to do the right thing.”

Beck’s stated goal is to “…work on uniting people of different faiths.”

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