How do you build a real tesla fighter?

2016 Tesla Model X

Tesla has been the highest regarded name in the world of EV cars that has brought us several models that are full of awesome power and the right balance to be cars that are perfect for driving and give you a great ride in cars that have excellent ranges for us to admire.  While Tesla has the technology to be great and the ability to be admirable on the road other automakers have started to work toward having their own EV models that have excellent range but for the most part do not have the same luxury features Tesla has to offer.

If you wanted to build a car company that would be able to challenge Tesla in this area of the automotive world wouldn’t you build one that was similar in nature?  You certainly should.  Most of the automakers on the market today have their own variety of great cars and lineups of vehicles that have been proven sellers on the market to have volume sales to enjoy.  Because these companies need to focus more on their current model names and an actual EV model with great range seems a bit far-fetched maybe building a similar company is the answer.

Faraday Future might be the right company to bring us the model we need to see to take on Tesla but they have yet to build a single car.  The announcement so far has been that this company will sink $1 billion into a factory that will build an all-electric car.  Up until recently Faraday had yet to announce where their plant would be built, but we now know the location will be located just north of Las Vegas and will employ nearly 4,500 people to be the next company to offer a great all-electric car for us to admire and enjoy.

To date Faraday Future has made some bold statements to lead us to believe the company will be offering a new model on the market by the 2017 model year.  This seems a bit of an aggressive goal since we have yet to see even the first concept car from Faraday but they plan to have a concept model show up at the CES for us to view and being to offer our opinions on.  Although this is new information for most of us the fact is this idea from Faraday has been around for a while now and has been growing slowly over time.

In a similar idea as the technology already being offered in some Tesla models Faraday has a goal in mind of offering not only a car that you can drive but begin to create a fleet of autonomous cars where you can subscribe to a transportation service to take you where you need to go.  This is a bit different from what Tesla does, but the idea of an autonomous car is part of both companies’ goals.  With an EV car and the goal to create autonomous vehicles is part of these two who may be direct competitors in the upcoming years.

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