I like Rubio, but the only candidate that can stop Donald Trump is Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Over Marco Rubio

Mainstream media and Republican Establishment bias strongly favor Marco Rubio. There are articles coming out that have this race somehow situated between Rubio and Donald Trump, as if Ted Cruz isn’t in the equation. This is the type of Saul Alinsky propaganda that’s designed to discourage and misinform voters with one of two end goals: a Trump nomination or a brokered convention. Either would result in a Democratic victory in November.

From the media’s perspective, they’re foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to have Donald Trump being their Democratic cronies’ opponent. For the Republican Establishment, it’s the same broken mentality of denial that we haven’t seen since 1980 when they tried to pull the same tricks on Ronald Reagan. Since Reagan left office, they’ve maintained an iron grip on the GOP nomination process, but this year they have no control. That’s not stopping them from throwing up a hail mary and hoping that Rubio comes down with the ball in the final moments of the game. The problem with this mentality is that they’re down by three touchdowns; even if they can prop up Rubio, he has no pathway to the nomination.

Those who are with the Establishment in holding out hope for a brokered convention should realize that, paradoxically, they should still be supporting Cruz at least simultaneously if not wholeheartedly. With the SEC Primary, Cruz is the only candidate positioned to prevent Trump from getting the delegates required to win the nomination outright. Even if someone is opposed to both Trump and Cruz, their attacks should go squarely towards Trump. Taking down Cruz will not help Rubio get his contested convention. If Cruz doesn’t stop Trump from getting enough delegates, nobody will.

This has been clear since New Hampshire, but now that Rubio is so far behind in Florida it’s even more clear. Rubio was my original choice with Cruz as my third choice behind Ben Carson, but now that the race is shaping up to be Trump’s to lose, we have to be pragmatic about this. Supporting and voting for Rubio will not do anything to keep Trump out of the nomination or the Democrats out of the White House.

A vote for Marco Rubio is a vote for Donald Trump. There’s no universe in which Marco Rubio can go through the entire month of March without winning a single state, including his home state, and somehow win the nomination. Ted Cruz is the only anti-Trump vote that counts.

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