Iran thinks Josh Earnest broke deal

Josh Earnest White House Press Secretary

The Iranians have been known to misinterpret or to make mountains out of molehills in the past, but this is one that likely takes the cake. They government that recently reached an agreement with the United Nations took the words of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest a bit too earnestly, accusing him of canceling the deal.

Earnest was saying that the United States in general and President Barack Obama in particular would leave all options on the table in case Iran doesn’t comply with the inspections and curtailing of their nuclear weapons program. This includes reinstatement of sanctions and even military force if necessary. Tehran claim that the words meant that the United States was not going to honor their side of the deal and thus the deal should be nullified.

According to Breitbart:

In the same way that talk of “radical Islam” is seen as fueling terror, mere discussion of the “military option” may be taboo. We may soon find we have agreed to trade away that much of our liberty to a totalitarian regime.

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