It’s not Seaweed. It’s a Sea Dragon.

Leafy Sea Dragon

When it comes to self-defense in the animal kingdom, they have three choices: fight, flee, or hide. Many animals, particularly predators, are able to fight their way out of situations. Others rely on speed to get away from predators. Then, there are those who simply don’t get seen, whether they’re hiding in a protected area or in plain sight. The sea dragon is one of these creatures.

Swimming off the western and southern shores of Australia, these gentle creatures appear to be seaweed floating at the whims of the ocean current. They develop the skin protrusions that make them appear to be plants as they mature. The green ones are the Leafy Sea Dragons while the multi-colored one below is a Weedy Sea Dragon.

Hidden in plain sight. Isn’t creation amazing?

Weedy Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon


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