Jesse Ventura whines about the two-party system’s destruction

Jesse Ventura

As a WWF wrestler, Jesse “The Body” Ventura captivated crowds with harsh talk and fake wrestling moves. That experience helped him have a relatively successful career in both politics and reality television. Now, he’s sounding off again, presumably to get another gig.

Supporters will say that he was simply speaking the truth when he decried the two-party political system of the United States. He said he hoped that Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders would be the destruction of their parties. While we admit that he has clear justification to be angry about the way that government operates in our country, his rhetoric is lost in the hype of selfishness when he declares that he doesn’t fit in with either party.

There are plenty of constructive critics who have real solutions to offer for debate. Ventura’s solution of destruction of the current parties and building others up that suit him better smell more political than the system he’s railing against.

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