Joint venture to invest £500 million into British onshore wind power

Joint venture to invest £500 million into British onshore wind power

The onshore wind power industry in the United Kingdom has received a significant boost after Ecotricity, the leading green energy company in the nations, announced Skylark, a joint venture with Skanska, a global construction and development firm, in order to build multiple wind farm projects in the United Kingdom.

Skylark aims to utilize Ecotricity’s expertise in developing green energy projects and Skanska’s expertise in construction and engineering in order to put 350MW of new green energy projects into the planning system within the first 5 years, which represents a potential investment of around £500 million ($800 million), should the projects be consented, and would supply green electricity to more than 200,000 British households.

There are already 3 development sites that have been identified for the joint venture’s first round of investment, representing around 100MW of generating capacity, which are expected to bring more clean energy to the United Kingdom as early as 2018. Skylark will also create numerous jobs as people fill scientific, technical, construction, and maintenance roles.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “Ecotricity were the world’s first green electricity company, while Skanska aims to be the greenest construction company in the world – our shared pursuit of sustainability and our complementary skill sets creates a strong partnership. Ecotricity will use its expertise in green energy development to design wind parks and gain planning consents, while Skanska will use their expertise in construction to build them. It’s a simple partnership that will help to bring energy independence to Britain using green energy made in Britain.”

Read more about the story at Bloomberg.

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