Krauthammer compares the candidates’ foreign relations stances. His perspective on Trump is hilarious.

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer has not been shy about classifying Donald Trump as an idiot. Following the ludicrous idea that Japan and South Korea should pay up or build their own nuclear arsenal to defend against North Korea, the pundit decided to compare the four candidates to each other as well as assign each an “analog” that closely matches their style.

For Bernie Sanders, Krauthammer compared him to George McGovern. Hillary Clinton’s was easy, of course – Bill Clinton. Ted Cruz, who Krauthammer has been only slightly less hostile towards in the past until it became clear he was the only candidate that could prevent a Trump nomination, received the positive comparison to Ronald Reagan (though strangely for the wrong reasons). For Trump, Krauthammer’s chosen spirit animal was humorous.

Missing from the list is John Kasich. The reason: this was supposed to be about the candidates that had a chance at their nominations.

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