Lincoln Gets Continental

There are seven continents on this Earth, each with its own personalities, traditions, and cultures.  Most of these continents, at some point or another, have played host to some of the world’s most important social figures; politicians, celebrities, and world class athletes.  While each of these continents is vastly different, each of them possesses a different definition of luxury and elegance.  For many, Europe is the central location, and has set a pretty high bar for culture, cuisine, and beauty, and for this reason, the term continental is usually defined by an item hailing from Europe, except for one case.  In this case, true beauty, excellence, elegance, and style are defined by a piece of American machinery called the Continental.

Lincoln Motor Company, a high-end division of Ford Motor Company, was established in 1917 by Harry Leland.  He chose to name the company after the first president for whom he was able to cast his vote.  Just five years later, they became a subsidiary of Ford.  A brand name primarily sold in the United States, Lincoln has just recently opened up their market to the Asian countries as well, and are experiencing moderate success in that market.  Perhaps this is because Lincoln’s name has become synonymous with class, worldwide.

While many people recognize the Lincoln Town Car as Lincoln’s most prestigious name plate, but the Continental is actually older and better known.  The Continental was first released in 1939, and other than a brief hiatus during World War II, production was continued until 2002 when it was eventually discontinued.  Recently, however, Lincoln announced they would be rereleasing the Continental for the 2017 model year, which signals a late 2016 release.  Serving as a replacement for Lincoln’s MKS model, the continental will be, once again, a full sized sedan.

With the 2017 Continental, Lincoln will be discontinuing their split grille design, so this vehicle will feature an all new grille.  The bold new look features a smoothly lined exterior, with e-latch door handles that unlock electronically with the touch of a button and don’t take away from the cohesiveness of the design.  The principle behind the design of the all-new Continental was to create a vehicle that promised gracefulness while still harnessing the sheer power of an athlete, all in one stylish and elegant package meant to please the eye.  With a lot of influence taken from luxury European models, this vehicle is both attractive, and powerful.

Complete with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the Continental is equipped to operate efficiently while still ensuring a smooth, yet speedy ride.  With an all-wheel drivetrain, it also dominates the road in nearly any weather condition with the utmost in traction and control.  Selectable driving modes, allow the driver to harness the power of the vehicle to their personal degree of comfort.  By choosing from comfort, normal, and sport modes, the driver of the Continental is able to customize how their car performs, without sacrificing any of the vehicle’s natural instinct to communicate effectively with the road ahead.

The interior design of the all-new Lincoln Continental supports the drivers’ necessities, with a center stacked console that features an all-angle camera.  This camera allows for multi-angled viewing of your surroundings in an effort to better the feeling of comfort the driver has inside the car’s cabin.  With adaptive cruise control, drivers can have the same feeling of control, even in deadlocked traffic, as this system is able to sense the pace of surrounding cars and adapt.  To increase the comfort of the most important person in the car, the driver, the Continental also offers an optional 30-way power seat to find the best possible positioning.  With the combination of comfort, power, and control, the Continental offers, drivers are better able to focus on the road.

The release of the brand new Continental is big news for Lincoln, as the model was always one of the more popular vehicles Lincoln produced.  Early reports are claiming that this model reminds them of a Bentley, with a much lower price tag, so reviews are already favorable and signify that the Continental may have a big future.  As we look forward to the release date of one of Lincoln’s premier sedans, there is only admiration and hopefulness that this vehicle won’t disappoint.

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