Low-income minority families will be hit hardest by climate regulations

Low Income Communities

The Environmental Protection Agency is normally known to support policy that reduces reliance on fossil fuels, but there was a comment made by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that is worth noting. She said that the increased prices of energy that will result from the Obama administrations required cuts in carbon dioxide emissions will hit one demographic the hardest.

While defending the regulations, McCarthy acknowledged that there need to be efforts made to help low-income minority communities to prevent hardships. “We know that low-income minority communities would be hardest hit,” she said.

According to The Daily Signal:

Low and fixed income families will be hardest hit by the administration’s regulations and energy efficiency programs will not save them. While the median family spends about 5 cents out of every dollar on energy costs, low-income families spend about 20 cents of every dollar. And the economic pain from the regulations will not be simply the direct costs of higher energy prices, but through higher prices for all the goods we purchase as energy is a necessary component to manufacture those goods.

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