Missouri town may drop fluoride from water

Water Fluoride

The decision is being made, perhaps while you’re reading this article. The City Council of Park Hills, MO, is voting about the future of fluoride in the water supply. This has conspiracy theorists and health experts butting heads on the decades-old debate.

As far as the public is concerned, they don’t seem to care either way. There seems to be very little opposition nor support other than the extreme sides of the possible conspiracy. For a while, conspiracy theorists have said that fluoride is part of a mind-control scheme designed to dumb down the American population and make us susceptible to disease. Scientists on the other side of the fence say it’s hogwash, though few can point to tangible benefits from the practice.

The debate will rage well beyond tonight, but one small town is at the center of it right now.

According to CBS:

Park Hills officials have calculated that if they stop injecting flouride into the town’s water supply, flouride levels would remain above state requirements, while saving them approximately $18,000 annually.

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