Monsanto lobbyist says he won’t drink ‘safe’ chemical because he’s not stupid

Monsanto Spokesperson

A Monsanto Lobbyist was in the middle of an interview where he was defending the use of glyphosate, a chemical component in Monsanto’s pesticide Roundup, in Argentina and that he believes it isn’t connected with the increases in cancer. He goes on to say, “you can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you.”

Little did the lobbyist know that the interviewer had some glyphosate on hand. When asked if he’d be willing to drink it the lobbyist said “I’d be happy to…but not really.” He continued to state how safe it was and that it wasn’t dangerous to humans, but when asked again if he’d be willing to drink it he flat out said “NO…I’m not an idiot”. He then stood up and quickly ended the interview.

Need we say more?

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