Most Americans oppose TPP in principle

Most Americans oppose TPP in principle

The second biggest problem the country faces with the Trans-Pacific Partnership is most people are confused about who is promoting it. On one end, you have President Barack Obama pushing the concept to improve America’s trade stance with Asia. On the other hand, you have the Republican congress promoting the idea that the President needs more power to push it through as quickly as possible. It’s a bizarre situation that makes it hard for the American people who follow their leaders to know which side to support.

The biggest problem is a lack of understanding of what TPP really means to Americans. The spin doctors on both sides are so engulfed in positioning the partnership as either a saving concept or a devilish move that most Americans have turned off their ability to think about it critically. A recent survey shows that the principles behind TPP lean in favor of the opposition. According to NBC News:

Two-thirds of Americans say protecting American industries and jobs by limiting imports is more important than allowing free trade so they can buy products at lower prices from any country, according to the most recent NBC News online survey conducted by SurveyMonkey from June 3-5.

We didn’t see the survey, but if the wording was similar to how their results statement reads, then there’s a good chance that it captures the gist of the TPP… as far as we know. Unfortunately, there’s very little information regarding TPP that’s available to congress, let alone the American population. We understand that in theory it will open the door to improve business relations with countries in Asia. We also understand that there are interests such as internet rights and pharmaceutical distribution and pricing that should make us cringe at the possibilities, particularly considering that we’re not allowed to know what’s in it before it becomes real.

While we try not to point to one side or another in heated political debates, we are strongly leaning away from supporting TPP. This is clearly not a partisan thing. It’s an American thing and it certainly seems like majority of citizens agree.

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