New biofuels facility in Kansas turns plant waste into ethanol

New biofuels facility in Kansas turns plant waste into ethanol

It’s not often that you hear Kansas and Spain mentioned in the same sentence, yet today it was announced that Spanish company Abengoa is starting up another big cellulosic biofuel facility in Hugoton, a small community in the southwest portion of Kansas.

This is the second big biorefinery to go online in the United States this year, proving that the cellulosic fuel industry is truly beginning to come into its own and is making critical contributions to oil savings and climate change goals. It wasn’t too long ago that cellulosic biofuels were almost a joke, a phantom fuel that couldn’t even be produced in large volumes.

Fast forward to the present and we see headlines like “Advanced Ethanol Makers Are Trying to Give Big Oil a Run for Its Money.” Major companies from across the globe have flocked to the United States to invest in in cellulosic biofuel due to our abundant biomass resources and a policy environment that’s committed to steady growth in clean fuels.

The United States is hardly the only country where cellulosic biofuels are gaining popularity. There’s also similar cellulosic biofuels facility in Italy, as well as a new cellulosic biorefinery which just started up in Brazil, which has a longstanding commitment to renewable fuels.

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