A New Configuration Already

A New Configuration Already

Tesla is a company that doesn’t seem satisfied to sit back on their heels and watch as other models pass them by.  With continued advancements being made for the Model S and the newly delivered Model X as we await the Model 3 it seems this is a company that has little competition and offers the electric cars we want to drive.  Even though the Model X has only recently started being delivered to customers its already receiving a new configuration to offer a new and improved base model that will offer a higher price than the ones already delivered to the market.

In the previous version, which only started being delivered in November, the vehicle was called the Model X 70D.  This version offered a 220 mile range, a price of $80,000 as the base price and a 70 kWh battery pack to give us a power output that was the same as the base version of the Model S.  The upscale version for this SUV was the 90D which offered a range of 257 miles and the P90D gives you a range of 250 miles to enjoy the drive in the new and high priced SUV from Tesla.

With the distance between the 70 kWh battery and the 90 kWh battery, there was room for a midrange model to make its way to the market for us to enjoy.  Instead of slotting in something new Tesla chose to change the base model to one that uses a 75 kWh battery pack that will start at $83,000 and offer a range of 237 miles.  This new model offers a top speed of 130 mph and a run from zero to sixty mph that only takes six seconds to be a quick and decisive SUV for you to drive.

If nothing else the gullwing doors of the Model X should be enough to entice you to buy one for yourself as no other SUV on the market has these doors.  Now that the base version has more range and power this is a vehicle that gives you what you want, more of the good stuff.  As an SUV that prowls in the luxury marketplace and certainly offers a luxury price the Model X is a great way for Tesla to have an SUV to go with its sedan and it took them no time to decide they would want to have this vehicle updated.

Of course, the Model X is not the only Tesla seeing upgrades.  The Model S now has a new face and an increase in range and price to be a more attractive and well-designed EV for us to love and admire.  As Tesla continues to improve upon what already appears to be dynamic EV perfection the question at hand is whether or not Tesla will ever be matched in the market.  Chevrolet is trying with the new Bolt that will go head to head with the Model 3, but for overall quality and technology, Tesla continues to show no sign of slowing down and allowing itself to be caught.

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