Obama will tout America’s fight against climate change at the UN summit

Obama will tout America’s fight against climate change at the UN summit

The Obama administration intends to strongly emphasize its efforts to combat climate change at the United Nations climate summit in New York next week, said government officials. About 120 world leaders will be attending the United Nations General Assembly session on climate change on Tuesday, which will be hosted by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

“We are taking this summit seriously both to show the world that the U.S. is leading on climate change, and to call on other leaders to step up to the plate,” John Podesta, who serves as a counselor to President Barack Obama, said Thursday in a call with reporters. “Expect to hear about tremendous progress that the U.S. has made under the Climate Action Plan,” he said, referring to the steps Obama laid out last year to cut domestic emissions.

“This gathering of global leadership in one place at one time is unprecedented,” Bob Orr, assistant secretary-general for policy coordination and strategic planning in the executive office of the United Nations Secretary-General, said Wednesday in Washington. He echoed the hope that the involvement of high-level officials next week will improve the negotiation process. “They can assert their leadership before negotiators go into a room to ink a big deal,” said Orr.

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